Galerie S&H De Buck

Contemporary art – Contemporary jewellery and objects from Siegfried De Buck

Raised by parents with a passion for the old masters, Hermine de Groeve’s love for art started on her mother’s knee.
Today she runs art gallery S&H De Buck in Gent together with jewelry designer, silver smith and husband Siegfried De Buck.

“Art has always been a part of my life,” De Groeve enthuses. “My mother collected ancient art, so I know where my fascination was born.” Along with meeting her husband, she was introduced to contemporary art. “My husband has always been a lover of contemporary art and architecture. He creates contemporary jewelry and unique pieces, permanently present at the gallery. I admire people who are creators. They have a certain passion, are engaged with the world.”

Art gallery S&H De Buck opened in 1972. It is a pilot gallery, showing both established and new artists. De Groeve and De Buck have worked together with great masters: “We were the first ones showing work from Wim Delvoye, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Dirk Braeckman,… and more. I guess that means I have a nose for art, but I just follow my feeling.” “Beautiful art has pride, tells a story. It provides the admirer with a glimpse into a deeper understanding of our world.” The person behind the piece is essential. “I see it as my task to ensure art lives on after it leaves the hands of its master. That is why it is so important to know the artist – how else can I be a defendant of someone’s life work?”

Permanent exhibition : Johan Clarysse, Sven Verhaeghe, Philip Henderickx, Christina Mignolet, Jean De Groote, Patrick Verlaak, Stefaan Van Biesen, Reniere&Depla, Frans Labath, Alex De Bruycker, Willy Vynck, Hervé Martijn, Hans Defer, Geert De Smet, Christine Marchand, Robine Clignett, Maureen Bachaus, Frans Westers, Andreas Lyberatos, Wil Mathijs -Valentina Lari, Koen Blanckaert, Felicia Parent, May Oostvogels, Bahir Bilal, Anneke Lauwaert, Patrick Keulemans, Dolf Verlinden, Tom Lagast, Wladimir Moszowski

16 sep – 26 oct: Johan Clarysse: “Guilty or innocent, that isn’t the question”
Photocabinet: Tom Lagast pictures from “La petite mort” and “Us”

2 nov – 1 dec: Sven Verhaeghe “The Belly of Trees”
Photocabinet: Foto’s of Guy De Clercq

7 dec – 30 dec : “INTIMACY” with Hervé Martijn, Johan Clarysse, Philip Henderickx, Maureen Bachaus, Jean De Groote, Christine Marchand, Andreas Lyberatos, Christina Mignolet, Robine Clignett, Willy Vynck, Hans Defer, Patrick Keulemans, Frans Westers, Patrick Verlaak, Sven Verhaeghe, Bilal Bahir, Anneke Lauwaert, Alex De Bruycker, Wladimir Moszowski, Stefaan Van Biesen, May Oostvogels, Reniere& Depla  …

©Michèle Francken